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Looking for an easier way to assemble shelves, small cupboards, or frames? The Carpenter's Right Angle Clamp is perfect for the job! With its simple one-handed operation, you can quickly and easily fix boards and frames at an angle of 90° - without having to struggle with holding everything in place. Plus, the clamp is adjustable to accommodate different board thicknesses, making it perfect for corner and T-joints. For a quick and easy mounting solution that will save you time and hassle, choose the Carpenter's Right Angle Clamp!


Packaging Weight: 260g.
Size: 8.5x8x6cm/ 1 Pcs.
Color: Orange & Black.
Weight: 70g/ 1 Pcs.
Suitable for board thickness: 10-22 mm

Package Include:
4 x Carpenter's Right Angle Clamp